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Plant Of The Week!

Hortensia (Disambiguation)
Hydrangea                                                                                               RELATED PRODUCTS

The mophead hydrangea is the standard-bearer for these
easy-going,robust shrubs, with its showy blooms in pink
or blue, famously sensitive to soil types (blue in acid soils,
pink in alkaline).

But lovely though they are, mopheads are only half the story.
The graceful flowers of lacecap hydrangeas are the size of
dinnerplates: try pure white 'Veitchii', or 'Mariesii' in dove-grey.
The foliage of oak-leaved H. quercifolia turns red-bronze in autumn,
with huge cone-like flowerheads like H. paniculata (look out for 'Kyushu'
in snowy white). And H. petiolaris is a climber, perfect for shady walls
and proof that there really is a hydrangea for every spot in your garden.

Please see 'Related Products' for help finding items specific to caring for this plant!


Wildlife Of The Week!


Sciurus carolinensis                                                                                        RELATED PRODUCTS



These opportunistic little mammals are one of the 
most recognisable of our British Wildlife.
Their numbers are strong, and they are not at risk
of being wiped out as a species any time soon.
Despite such an adorable face, they have a bad reputation 
due to their ferocious appetite. Many gardeners, 
farmers and allotment owners consider
them to be pests. However, it is thanks to them
we still have such beautiful woodland to roam.
Since squirrels are unable to store large amounts of fat, 
which mean they can't hibernate through the winter, they
must spend the rest of the year building up a food store.
In the event their chosen den becomes unsafe to use, 
or they end up to far away, The Grey Squirrel will setup 
several food stores to ensure that no matter what, he has
enough to eat to make it through to Spring.
It is common for these food stores to never be recovered,
The Grey Squirrel typically lives for 3 years and is
considered tasty to a number of other animals, wild and
domestic, therefore the odds are stacked against them from the start. 
Within these food stores there might be a high number of seeds or nuts, 
that will germinate and be the beginning of a new tree which will go on to
form such an important part of the ecosystem.  

 either help in encouraging them, or discouraging them. We're only a phone call away if you'd like some advice

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